Hi. I’m Shane.

I'm a designer based in San Francisco and am currently looking for my next thing.

Most recently, I was Creative Director at AngelList where I helped bring a bit of empathy and humanity to the startup job search.

In a past life, I co-founded The Sketchbook Project and was a brand designer at OkCupid and Meetup. I'm currently co-running Draft & Draw with my buddy so I can doodle with all of my other buddies.

Identity - Gender & Orientation
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Identity: Orientation & Gender

In late 2014, OkCupid expanded it's gender and orientation options to be more inclusive. With new options like pansexual, asexual, sapiosexual, gender nonconforming, and androgynous it was a step forward in being more inclusive to a wider range of humans.

Now that we had these new options, we needed a way to explain what they were. However, the definitions were so personal to the individual that there was rarely one exact idea or label. Realizing this, we turned it into a crowd sourced dictionary and invited the community to help us complete the dictionary, offering multiple definitions for each label.

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