Hi. I’m Shane.

I'm a designer based in San Francisco and am currently looking for my next thing.

Most recently, I was Creative Director at AngelList where I helped bring a bit of empathy and humanity to the startup job search.

In a past life, I co-founded The Sketchbook Project and was a brand designer at OkCupid and Meetup. I'm currently co-running Draft & Draw with my buddy so I can doodle with all of my other buddies.

OkCupid gonna roll with it
A bunch of visual things

OkCupid Illustrations

Working at OkCupid gave me a chance to get my hands dirty using things like ink, paper cutouts, and plastic toy puppies. Working across all mediums, these ended up being used for video, Instagram, Twitter, and our blog.

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    Art direction
    Paper Cutouts
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